??TWO beer releases??

Danny has been busy! The descriptions are a must-read. Cheers ? ?DUNKEL BISON
Dunkelwiess 5.5% 18 IBU
Munich malts, Wheat, Willamette hops, Open top fermentation That time of year when the snow and mud blend, dirty boots and shoveling go hand in hand. Warmth & Summer are close, but the winter is still hanging on. TE’s Dunkel Bison is a tease reminding us we are nearing beer garden season, warm nights on the water and trading dirty boots for flip flops. Most important, Dunkel Bison’s sunny weather cousin, Half-a-Bison is on the horizon. Dunkel Bison, with all the Banana and Clove character of it’s Hefe cousin, the added dark Munich Malts remind us the joys of Cabin… More