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Keg Orders

Are you having a party or event and want to showcase Trails End Brewing?

Is that kegerator in the garage in need of a keg?

Now you can order kegs from Trails End Brewing online!

We offer 9 different styles in 1/6’s and in 50L kegs.
(1/6 bbl = 40 pints, 50L kegs = 100 pints)

1/6 bbl kegs = $100 plus $80 deposit
50L kegs =
$200.00 plus $100 deposit


Simply email us at [email protected] and place your order.
We do not offer our seasonal selection and will not fill your kegs from home.
We will do our best to accommodate within a 24 hour window, but more notice always helps.
All orders are subject to availability.
We do not offer tubs, ice, or taps.
We recommend A-Z Rentals in Hayden, ID for a Party Tap and tubs.

Important info:

We always appreciate your business, and are beyond happy to get our beers out the door to you and yours.