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Alpine haze - hazy ipa

6.9% 35 IBU

Maris Otter 2 row malt, oats, Citra and Amarillo hops. Notes of ripe orange and tangerine

Waking up to the misty haze of a high Alpine lake. The first to wake up and start a fire. The first to grab a beer from the cooler, if they please. With the loads of orange and tangerine notes, this could pass for breakfast. Who needs OJ….?


5.0% 35 IBU

Maris Otter barley, English caramel malt, Galena and Willamette hops

Sun is shining, not a cloud in sight, a far cry from the origins of this style. Widely consumed in dark pubs of the rainy UK and known as a “pint of bitter”, our ESB is what you need in that backyard, on the boat, or anything under the sun.


4.2% 20 IBU

2 row Pale Malt, Galena hops

 This light beer is inspired by the feeling of being outdoors, doing whatever you love that puts you in that “everything is right as rain” headspace. This beer is a simple, classic beer that is right as rain.


6.2% 60 IBU

2 row Pale Malt, English caramel malt, Warrior, Cascade, Mosaic, and Chinook hops

When you’re out on the trail and happen upon a creek, you can’t just cross it…. you have to HOP it! Our Creek Hoppin’ IPA is a perfect blend of grapefruit and pine resin combined with the fruitiness of berries and tangerine. The IBU’s may seem low, but it has a wonderful pronounced bitterness that lingers like a mountain stream.

CHAR FALLS - porter

5.1% 40 IBU

Belgian-grown 2 row barley, Belgian specialty malts, Chinook hops

Like the waterfall tucked back in the coniferous forest of the Kanisku, our Char Falls Porter is a special find. You won’t find the big in-your-face notes of most dark beers. This beer is smooth, drinkable, and has soft notes of chocolate and toffee with a deep mahogany hue.


6.0% 40 IBU

2 row Pale Malt, White Wheat, Flaked Oats, Idaho 7 and El Dorado hops

Reminiscent of road trips along Hwy 20 through the Cascades The endless waterfalls leave you desiring a Juicy IPA like this one. Our Juicy is bursting with notes of honeydew melon, guava and watermelon. It’s crushable, tropical and a perfect blend of Idaho 7 and El Dorado hops.


5.3% 35 IBU

2 row Pale Malt, English caramel malts, Chinook and Cascade hops

Just when you think you have made it; the peak comes into view and you realize you are only halfway there. This Pale Ale is just that, a halfway point you thought was the apex. Solid additions of Chinook and Cascade hops give you pine and citrus. But it’s the drinkability that reminds you you’re only halfway there to an IPA.

Muddy Paws - Altbier

5.4% 37 IBU

Munich and Pilsner malts, Warrior, and Willamette hops

Hiking with your four-legged friend is seriously the best thing ever. And when they get mud and dirt all over the place, who can stay mad at that face? Our NW inspired Altbier tries to capture that. Deep brown color, solid malt backbone, Willamette hops that smell like fresh rain in the woods. And a beer that reminds you to relax and chill. After all, it’s just muddy paws dude.

BUMPIN BILLs PILS - Bavarian style Pilsner

5.9% 37 IBU

Pilsner malt, Saaz hops

The sun is shining and you both have your favorite hats on. You just went on a killer hike and want to toast with a cold beer and a kiss, but….oops! You both tilt right, then you both tilt left. The laughter is contagious as you are just bumping bills!

Toes in D'Sands -Hazy IPA

6.0% 50 IBU

Pilsner malt, Chinook, Idaho 7, and Barbre Hops

That escape the winter trip to someplace warm feeling, coming back tan and refreshed from your days sitting on a beach with your Toes in the Sand. Well here is a beer to take you back there.
Tropical and bright as the sun with hints of strawberries, passion fruit and papayas. Its a liquid daydream, session-able and seasonal IPA from your friends at Trails End.


7.3% 40 IBU

Dark Munich malts, roasted Barley, Chocolate malt, Galena Hops

Cruising on dirt mountain roads, you break for a stretch. While enjoying the views you notice the way the sun is shining on the tires revealing a hypnotizing pattern of dirt that has sprayed perfectly from the tread. And then, just like that, Boom! Dirt in the Tread. A beer is named.

The Woodshed

9.0% 50 IBU

English Strong Ale

It’s where lessons are both taught and learned, stories are shared and toasted, and a year’s worth of work is stored for a cold winter. Much like the satisfaction of staring at the hard work, this beer is a reward in and of itself. Coming in at a solid 9%, The Woodshed begs to be sipped while the fire gets going, and the stories become long and tall. Notes of caramel, toffee and fig are all balanced by a lovely copper hue. It’s a big beer, sip lightly friends.

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