You've Reached
the end of the trail
N 47° 42' 41.2"     W 116° 47' 26"
Trail's End
You've earned that beer
N 47° 42' 41.2"     W 116° 47' 26"
Perfecting our
Brick Oven Pizza
N 47° 42' 41.2"     W 116° 47' 26"
Love of the outdoors
craft beer & brick oven pizza
N 47° 42' 41.2"     W 116° 47' 26"
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Trails End Brewery

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Trails End Brewery is simply about our love for the outdoors, maps, craft beer, brick oven pizza, and a place to share it with families, friends and new friends!

award winning brewery

in Coeur d'Alene

trails end
is a feeling

 It’s that simultaneous feeling of exhaustion and exhilaration at the end of the trail you just hiked, climbed, drove or even snowshoed. It’s about the waterfall you just found, the creek you slipped in, or the high alpine lake you fished. At the end…you’ve earned that first beer (or root beer) and want to share it. You know the feeling!! That’s what Trails End Brewery is about. Come have craft beer, craft pizza, and share your stories! We have lots of maps to point out where you may have had a Sasquatch sighting too! We’ve been perfecting our pizza and craft beer recipes for many years and are ready to serve you great food and drink at the End of YOUR Trail! Bring your tribe!

trails end




A gathering place for
craft beer, craft pizza, and
sharing your adventures!



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